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CoProd is a project that allows anyone to join in the fun of creating NFTs! We let you decide what is going to be part of these community-created collections. To be able to join in, members will need to earn Creative Points (or CP). 1 CP = 1 NFT you can create, (or co-create) for one of CoProd’s collections.

CoProd's Tokenomics

CoProd's profits will be shared:

40% to Developers
40% to Creators
10% to Authors
10% for DAO to manage


NFTs are starting to become mainstream. From simple collections to play-2-earn games, each day more and more creators, artists, investors, and collectors join this meta wave. There is a lot of room to grow and a lot of possibilities yet to be manifested. 

While D'r-t was creating his Author NFT collection, Shush, he had an insight.
What if there was a project:

  1. Where the community creates NFT collections together;

  2. Where investors, collectors, and NFT lovers (who know nothing of code or art) can become part of the NFT collections inner creative process;

  3. Where authors and artists (who know nothing of code, social media, or marketing) have the opportunity to have their work be displayed as part of NFT collections;

  4. Where new artists and writers can be discovered, even start their careers;

  5. That can deliver fun and profits to its members and whose culture and dynamic sets the foundations for a strong, interactive and joyful community;

  6. With a DAO that decides what projects we create and manage 10% of all profits generated from collections manifested by the community;

  7. That will use some proceeds to donate to charities for urgent causes, known and less-known;


  1. Open the doors for authors, artists, and collectors to have fun and earn from NFT collections with a social, co-creative experience

  2. Deliver an easy-to-use platform for you to create NFTs using a token called a Creative Point (CP)

  3. Boost authors' ability to share their work in a new way and have a new source of revenue

  4. Give the opportunity to authors in less fortunate countries to become CoProd Verified Authors

  5. Help causes that are not as well known

  6. Create, not just high quality NFT collections, but original and pioneering projects

  7. Form a powerful DAO that manages dozens of projects


We Want Writers

We are looking for writers. If you are passionate about writing and want to become a CoProd Verified Author, please go to our discord and create a ticket related to the subject. You'll be asked to verify your identity and prove the authenticity of some of your works. Plagiarism is taken very seriously and will result in an immediate ban as well as loss of any potential profits.

Creative Points (CP)


A Creative Point is the token that allows users to create NFTs that will be in each of our collections. CP is a token with no decimals. It can't be divided because it is not made to be traded with other coins. CP is a tool, the fire that crowns you with the power of an NFT Creator. 


There are 10,000,000 CP. We gave it some room, given the potential of the project, however CP are not made to be held. They’re made to be used. We won't be giving out more CP than the number of NFTs we are putting in the collections we are working on. Because you must spend your CP to create an NFT the supply will be fairly controlled.


Since our collections grant CP it’s natural that the amount of CP in circulation will grow. We’re creating new ways for people to use their CP, countering the tendency for the CP in holders' hands to grow. Should the number of CP circulating rise too high, we’ll find ways to encourage spending them.

The Shush collection will grant the community a total of 2026 CP. On average a Shush rewards its minter with 3.5 CP, though it ranges anywhere from 2-15. We’ll be using ~200 CP to airdrop to contest winners and help pay the dev team.


CP Utility

Creative points allow you to:

- Create NFTs for CoProd’s collections
- Get discounts buying CoProd NFTs
- Get access to mint exclusive CoProd Collections
- Bonus airdrops from private CoProd Collections
- Buy merchandise

How do users get CP?

Creative Points (at least for now) won't be sold. Users can get their hands on CP in 3 ways:

  1. Mint a Shush NFT.

  2. Participate in contests in our discord.

  3. Send in Chubby Corgis NFTs at specific times.

    1. Non-holders: 5 Chubby Corgis = 1 CP

    2. Holders: 2 Chubby Corgis = 1 CP


Super CP OG

SCPOG (Super CP OG) is a very special role that grants users 1 free Creative Point for each collection we co-create. We only have 20 spots and 13 are already taken as of April 28th, 2022. To become a SCPOG, members must enter and win specific contests that are always announced in our discord.

How do CP work?

1 CP = 1 NFT.
In short, you’ll spend your CP to create an NFT. To really understand how CP works, one needs to understand how the Creative Process works.


Creative Process

The creative process allows you to become a Creator. You’ll be able to create an NFT for one of our collections. For our first project, Transcend, we require each NFT to have 1 Poem and 1 Image. The poem is chosen by you from a pool of poems created by Verified Authors, also known as CoProd Authors. The image is generated from Wombo Dreams using your chosen poem. The names of Authors and Creators will be shown on the NFT.   

This process happens on the CoProd website and has 2 phases:

Phase 1: Create the CoProd Poetry Pool (Authors)
Phase 2: Create the NFTs (Creators)

Create the CoProd Poetry Pool

Verified author's will be able to write poems for CoProd’s Poetry Pool. On our site CoProd Verified Authors will:

  1. Select a collection

  2. Select a subtheme

  3. Create and upload a poem + title inspired by the subtheme chosen.

Later we plan to bring on different creative backgrounds to move CoProd forward. We’ll be doing similar things with artists, musicians, coders, gamers, and more.

Create an NFT

Creators will enter the CoProd Website and:

  1. Choose a collection (we'll start with one collection: Transcend)

  2. Choose a poem from the CoProd Poetry Pool. A poem will randomly be shown to the Creator who can choose to either use that poem on their NFT or try another.

    1. Note: if you choose to try another you can’t go back to a previous poem.

  3. Then the Creator will go to Wombo Dreams, an AI image generator, to create a picture using keywords from their chosen poem. They’ll choose their favorite image, save it, and upload it to the website.

  4. Once happy, the Creator will spend 1 CP to upload that NFT.

  5. The users have their wallets linked to CoProd. When they create an NFT, the wallet IDs of the Creators + authors will go to the metadata of the NFT so they receive the secondary sales profits directly to their wallets.


Mint profits are airdropped to the Creators' + Authors' wallets after mint. If a collection is not 100% minted, the profits will be divided and shared proportionally to the Creator and Authors. Since mint is random, we feel it wouldn't be fair if the creators of the non-minted NFTs received nothing.


The Shush Collection


The main way for the users to get Creative Points is by minting a Shush NFT. Shush was created by our developer and author D’r-t. It is a collection of 578 NFTs composed of 163 shush (poems) united with astonishing images generated by AI Wombo Dream software. This collection aims towards the point beyond words, can you grasp it?

Shush NFTs are composed of one image, one title and one shush (poem).

A shush is a poem which aims to blast the spirit to a place words can't reach. Each NFT will have a shush. There are two types of Shush poems:

  1. Unique Shush: one of a kind pieces, never repeating

  2. Shared Shush: poetry shared with multiple NFTs of the same class.

Poems can be shared by several NFTs, but all images are unique.

The above image is a Shush. In fact, this is the one Shush, one of our four 1/1 Void NFTs.


Value of a Shush

We believe that Shush NFTs have the potential to be highly valuable from the art alone. However, projects in the NFT world that are simply beautiful just don’t make the cut. Adding utilities like entry to the CoProd DAO and receiving Creative Points increases the value exponentially. 


  1. Each Shush NFT will give 2 to 15 Creative Points to Minters.

  2. Holders will form the CoProd DAO, which manages projects we take on + controls 10% of all CoProd profits.

  3. Holders can send in fewer Chubby Corgis to get a Creative Point.

Bonus Shush


Some NFTs come with bonuses. If you mint one from the first column you’ll be airdropped the corresponding NFT from the second column. 

1 Tree -- 1 Pi

1 Temple -- 1 Monk

1 Guardian -- 1 Breath

1 God -- 1 Concept


 The users that hold rarity level Void NFTs (1/1) gain 1% of all Shush collection profits (mint + secondary markets).

Shush Auction


We will be auctioning off 3 Shush NFTs before we mint. The proceeds will be donated to different charities, to be decided by our community. This will become a pivotal part of CoProd’s protocol. We want to focus on continually giving aid to important causes, especially those that are not being covered by the media. Our focus is towards supporting education and arts to areas in need, but we’re planning on taking on different types of causes. 

The auction winner will:

  1. Become a Super CP OG: which means they’ll receive 1 Creative Point for each collection CoProd co-creates.

  2. Get the role of “Shush Patreon'':  will be part of an exclusive club of Collections’ Patreons that will have a direct channel with devs on Discord. If books or merchandise are made with the collection, the Shush Patreon will always be named either in the product itself or the package of the product. Patreons also receive exclusive discounts and airdrops.

  3. Feel awesome that they are able to help someone in need!



Shush Mint

The Shush collection mint date is yet to be determined. It will happen 5 days after the shush/s auction/s and will last for 1 week. Of the 578 NFTs, 77 are going to giveaways, devs, and special Shush holders which means that just 501 NFTs are going to be available at mint. We won’t be having a public mint. So you better get in our discord for updates on how to get WL!


54 NFTs are going to the Minters of special NFTs

23 NFTs are going to winners of giveaways + Dev & Mods

It means that from the 578 Shush NFTs, just 501 are going to be minted by the community.


Shush NFT Mint Price


The Shush’s NFTs price is yet to be determined. To decide the price we’ll consider:

  1. Shush is a collection created by author D’r-t, who poured a lot of time into writing poetry and generating images for each NFT. 

  2. One shush gives on average 3.5 Creative Points, which means the average Minter will be able to create 3 to 4 NFTs for our Transcend collection. The number of CP per Shush ranges from 2 to 15.

  3. Shush holders will form the CoProd DAO, a powerful DAO that decides which collections CoProd will co-create. It will also manage 10% of the profits of all CoProd collections.

  4. It’s a scarce collection with just 501 NFTs being minted by the public.

  5. The price of SOL at the time.


Shush Tokenomics

D’r-t (David Taveira), or developer, urges to focus all his energy and creativity on CoProd and subsequent projects. With two little daughters, a wife, and a house to take care of, it is not easy to deal with the creation of CoProd at the same time he works 8 hours a day 5/7 days a week. That’s why 96% of Shush’s profits will go to allowing him to focus 100% of his mind on developing CoProd. This is only for our Shush collection and does not include the profits donated during the Shush Auction.


A portion of the profits will go for the translation of his books. The first he will translate is: Who is Drin? - A trip to the World of Concepts (below you have a brief presentation of the book).


The remaining 4 % will go to the holders of Voids (1% per holder).


Who is Drin?

a trip to the World of Concepts

A book that unveils the story of a boy who woke up in a different world without remembering his identity. The world is called "The World of Concepts". The beings which inhabit this world aren't of flesh and bone but of concepts. All the concepts in existence can be found in this world as living beings. They feel, think, have desires and personalities in accordance with the concepts they are. The boy is going to look for the Truth to ask her (Truth) who he is, is he a concept, or is he a human from the World of Forms? Other concepts will join the boy's trip to the truth where they'll meet many meaningful concepts. Meanwhile the boy needs a name so that people can address him. As all names exist in this world as living beings, a new one is created, Drin, with the meaning, "The one who searches for himself".


Classes, Rarity, and Creative Points


Shush has 18 Classes, 7 Rarities, and lots of Creative Points




Breath  -  Pi  -  Tree  -  Concepts  -  Beings  -  Monks  -  Temples  -  Animals  -  Heroes  -  Hero Monks  -  Guardians  -  Gods  -  Crystals  -  Golds  -  Eyes  -  I  -  Nothing  -  1/1



  • Common - Concepts: 91 / Breaths: 87 / Pi: 77

  • Uncommon - Heroes: 45 / Mystic Animals: 43 / Monks: 43 / Beings: 37

  • Rare - Shush Guardians: 24 / Gold: 19* / Crystal: 19* / I: 19 / Nothing: 17

  • Epic - Trees: 12 / Monk Hero: 11 / Shush Gods: 9

  • Legendary - Temple: 9 / Eyes: 9

  • Mythic - Gagogirl: 3

  • Void (1/1) - Shush / NFT Madness The Shush God / The Shush Empress

*Gold and Crystal NFTs are special versions of Mystic Animals and Heroes.

Each rarity level provides a specific number of Creative Points that minters will receive.

  • Common - 2 Creative Points

  • Uncommon - 3 Creative Points

  • Rare - 6 Creative Points

  • Epic - 8 Creative Points

  • Legendary - 10 Creative Points

  • Mythic - 12 Creative Points

  • Void (1/1) - 15 Creative Points


Chubby Corgis

Chubby Corgis are a rugged project from where D’r-t (David Taveira) and Gagogirl (Lyndsey Gago) come from as mods. In a way to help our beloved, rugged community we decided to burn corgis in exchange for CP.

  1. Anyone can send 5 Chubby Corgis to get 1 Creative Point.

  2. Shush holders can send just 2 Corgis to get 1 Creative Point.


There is no limit to how many Chubby Corgis you can send, but we will stop at 4444 Creative Points in holders’ hands. Our next collection Transcend will have a maximum amount of 4444 NFTs. If that limit is reached, corgi burning season automatically ends and no more corgis will be burned until the next collection.


Chubby Corgis’ Burning Seasons - How will it be done?


When we open the Chubby Corgis’ Burning Seasons users will create a ticket on discord.   The admin will note if you hold a Shush in your connected wallet (if so, only 2 Chubby Corgis are needed for 1 Creative Point) and send you the appropriate number of CP. 

We are limiting the number of CP going out for Transcend to be 4444 (so that Transcend will have a maximum of 4444 NFTs). If we reach that limit we will not accept any more corgis until the next Burning Season. 

We will be burning Corgis as well as using them for contests, raffle entries, and more.


Transcend Collection

This is the first collection we are going to co-create. Transcend will be focused on growing our team of Verified Authors and will be made of a maximum of 4444 NFTs. The final number will depend on the number of CP given out and used by our members. Transcend aims to represent the spirit of CoProd. It will be divided into several subthemes, from which CoProd Authors will find inspiration to write their poems. 

The Transcend NFTs will be structured just like the Shush NFT, made of an image and a poem. Once we have enough poems written by our Authors, Creators will choose a poem from the pool and use it to generate an image from Wombo Dreams. This image will be saved to the Creator's computer and uploaded to our NFT creation software. This will only work if the Creator has a Creative Point in their connected wallet.

Transcend - CP

Transcend Collection will grant an average of 1.5 – 2.5 CP per NFT (depending on the amount of NFTs Created). With a maximum of 4444 NFTs in the collection, Transcend will reward on average 1.5 CP.


Wombo Dream Intellectual Property Rights


Wombo Dream lets creators turn their AI generated pictures into NFTs, as long as we give Wombo Dream credits for the images.



And, last but not least, we are a doxxed team of two people.


The developer, founder, author, and creator of the Shush Collection and co-creator of his CoProd project. David do Rosário Taveira (D’r-t), 28 years old, lives in Porto, Portugal with his two beloved daughters and his beautiful wife. He works for a heated tobacco company, for now. He found in writing the perfect playground for his creativity, pages come blank, can you ask for more possibilities than a blank page? But when he heard about NFTs, his creativity presented him with some singular ideas he now wants to develop, CoProd being one of them. Take this journey with him and Gagogirl and you can be sure you'll surf meta waves no one has surfed before.

D’r-t can be found on Instagram/Facebook: @drt.autor    Twitter: @DavidTaveira12

Author Website (in portuguese):



The other co-creator of CoProd. She has a loving husband and lives just outside of Los Angeles, California. She was a professional aerialist turned hobbyist due to her worsening epilepsy, diplopia, and muscle spasms. She knew she couldn’t keep going with such a physical job so she turned to learning crypto, coding, and NFTs for a living. She became a mod with D’r-t for Chubby Corgis but unfortunately, they rugged on an incredibly loving community. D’r-t came to Gagogirl one day with an amazing idea and asked for her help. Seeing the Shush NFTs D’r-t created and listening to his plan, she knew he was on to something big. Together they’ve created CoProd, turning his vision into a reality. 

Gagogirl can be found on Instagram @gagogirl and Twitter @gagocrypto

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