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CoProd's first co-created collection! Creators and Authors work together to create NFTs with poems and images generated from Wombo Dreams. All contributors earn a % of mint and secondary sales.

Transcend is our very first co-created collection, meaning the first collection we launch as a community!

Using the Creative Points you've earned from either minting a Shush NFT, winning a contest in our discord, or sending in Chubby Corgi NFTs, you'll be able to create and earn from your own NFTs. Welcome to the team! With us you become a CoProd Creator.

We will take some time to gather a team of CoProd Verified Authors to write poems to be submitted into the CoProd Poetry Pool. Creators will choose a poem they like from the pool, generate an images from Wombo Dreams, and submit their choices to be created into a Transcend NFT.

Creators earn 40% of their NFT's mint profits and 2% of its secondary sales for life. Authors earn 10% of the mint profit from the NFTs their poems appear on and 0.5% of its secondary sales. Both Authors and Creators have their names displayed on their NFT.

Power in Numbers


CP rewarded





Example NFTs

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