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This is CoProd's first project. Shush is the collection that will allow us to grow our community, reward members with Creative Points, and let us focus 100% on you.

Shush is CoProd’s very first collection. It’s a collection of 1111 NFTs made from a combination of beautifully generated art from Wombo Dreams and poems from members of the CoProd development team. This is the first step in building a thriving, creative community to launch future collections. These profits will set us up to continue to make CoProd a success!

. Shush will allow you to become a CoProd Creator! You'll receive between 1-15 Creative Points from each Shush NFT you mint. In our next collection, Transcend, you'll be able to create an NFT for each Creative Point you've earned. Along with minting a Shush, you can earn Creative Points by winning contests in our discord.

Power in Numbers


CP rewarded





Example NFTs

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