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CoProd stands for co-productions. We allow the community to co-create NFTs using Creative Points. We want to start a community in which we create together and get you paid in the process. Through our first collection, Shush, we hope to launch future projects in which we create collections, games, and brainstorm new ideas. Shush is an existing collection you can mint to earn Creative Points. Transcend will be our first co-created collection that you can be a part of.

We want to harness the creativity of an entire community and put you in control.

How CoProd works: 

We help you become an NFT creator! 

There are two ways you can create with us. The first is to be a Creator. You'll earn Creative Points so you can select a poem, generate an image, and create an NFT with us. The second is to be an Author. You'll write as many poems as you'd like. Poems will be submitted to the CoProd Poetry Pool for a chance to be chosen by a Creator. The names of both Creators and Authors will be shown on the NFT.  

How it Works

To join the team, you'll need to create a profile. You can do so by clicking 'log in' on the top right corner. Take a look around and get to know the CoProd vision. Then you'll want to join our discord for chances to win Creative Points and keep up-to-date on our progress. 

Being a Creator

Being a Creator:

To be a Creator you need to earn Creative Points. Creative Points are tokens we reward for minting Shush NFTs, winning games in discord, or sending in Chubby Corgi NFTs.

Once you have your Creative Points, you can go to the 'Create an NFT' page and follow the instructions. In short, you'll select a poem, go to Wombo Dreams to generate an image inspired by the poem, and then use a Creative Point to upload and create your NFT. You can create one NFT for each Creative Point you've earned.

Creators earn a % of their NFT's mint and secondary sales for life.

All profits will be paid in SOL directly to your Solana wallet address.

Being an Author

Being an Author:

You do not need Creative Points to write a poem and there's no limit to the number of poems you can write. 

First, you'll need to be verified. To become a Verified Author you'll need to submit a ticket in our discord channel #author-verify. You'll be asked to send in some of your work so we can verify it and be sure there's no plagiarism. Plagiarism is taken very seriously and will result in an immediate ban and loss of any potential profits.


Once verified, you can go to your author's page - you'll find it in the dropdown menu in the member's area on the top right. There you can write and submit your poems. Be sure you proof read because once you hit submit you cannot edit your poem. 

Currently we'll only be writing for our first co-created collection, Transcend, but in the future you'll have more choices.

For each NFT your poem is selected to be on, you'll earn a % of that NFT's mint and secondary sale profits.

All profits will be paid in SOL directly to your Solana wallet address.

The Shush Collection:

Shush is a collection of 1111 NFTs made from a combination of beautifully generated art from Wombo Dreams and poetry from the CoProd development team. This is the first step in forming a thriving, creative community. Profits will be used to get the ball rolling for CoProd!.

When you mint a Shush, you'll be rewarded with anywhere between 1-15 Creative Points. Those who hold a Shush are granted entry into the CoProd DAO. You do not have to mint to become part of the DAO, you just have to hold a Shush.

The Shush Collection

CoProd's future is heavily dependent on this DAO. The CoProd DAO will decide what collections/projects we will take on next, manage 20% mint and secondary sale profits, are rewarded with exclusive airdrops, and get lower mint prices for all future projects. We plan to continue to add benefits for DAO members as CoProd evolves.


Still have questions? Check out our Discord for the full FAQ.

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