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CoProd Cares

Part of our goal at CoProd is to bring aid to others. Whether that be authors and artists needing a second income or desperate causes found across the globe, CoProd aims to help. Charity work will become a pivotal part of CoProd’s protocol. We want to focus on continually giving aid to important causes, especially those that are not being covered by the media.

Shush Auction

We will be auctioning off 3 Shush NFTs before we mint. The proceeds will be donated to different charities, to be decided by our community. Our focus is towards supporting education and arts in less fortunate countries, but we’re planning on taking on different types of causes.

The proceeds of the auction will go to 3 different charities. 


We have chosen the Education of Future Leaders in Sierra Leone​ to give proceeds from 1 NFT. Since our focus aims towards bringing education to those who need it most, we feel that it ​is a good fit. 

The profits from the two other NFTs will be given to charities chosen by the discord community. The community will be voting between the following charities: 


World Wildlife Organization
Friends of Animals
Launch 150 Startup Youth Businesses in Kibra Slum
Child Find of America
Support 500 Nepali Kids Education

Waterkeeper Organization

Charity Collections

After Transcend we'll have a lot of projects to work on. Some of these will be NFT collections dedicated to certain causes. As mentioned, we feel strongly about providing education to those who don't have it, but we also feel strongly about other causes. We want to help a wide variety of organizations through different launched collections.

We have a wide variety of ideas and will rely on our community to help us decide who we'll send aid next.

Join our discord to become part of the community!

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